Hospitality Trends and Situation in These Days is Remarkable at Indigo Hotel

In 5 star hotels in Lahore, the hospitality sector depends on people more than technology to deliver a positive visitor experience and set examples of service. Travelers are looking for a “virus-free” service. 83% of tourists would prefer to stay at the best hotel that promotes precautionary methods on their social media or other ways. The hospitality sector is recognized for its focus on excellence and customer satisfaction. So, it is no wonder that in post-COVID times, there is an amplified pressure to keep guest satisfaction. However, as the industry essentially relies on a human to human communication, hoteliers and property administrators are now rethinking ways to earn the trust of their customers. After all, it is more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. When selecting a hotel in the hospitality sector, Indigo Hotel – Best Hotel in Gulberg Lahore, Indigo Hotel is also the highest hotel in Lahore you can also read the reviews on Google Map before choosing the hotel in Lahore.

Improve hygiene standards

Keeping superior hygiene measures has become one of the fundamental factors for gaining a competing advantage. 34% of tourists believe that it is risky to travel until the WHO announces the end of the pandemic. Hence, the only way hoteliers can reach out in this highly competitive marketplace is by changing their focus to proper sanitization. Cleaning leading contact areas such as the reception desk, doorknobs, bathrooms, etc. needs to be prioritized. Hand sanitizer dispensers need to be made available at reception and other public places e.g. near the lift. To carry out these responsibilities, the hotel staff there is need a clear internal communication policy. Indigo hotel offers an easy answer to this problem with its single general dashboard. Its user-friendly designs help hotel administrators imagine the housekeeping situation of every room.

Listen to your customer

Listening to your customer in 5-star hotels in Lahore is not just about acknowledging their complaints, picking up the phone, or catering to their demands at your front desk. Efficient communication in the hotel business starts with rapid listening. This means you not only have to listen to your clients but also try to connect with them. Listening means paying close consideration to their needs and agreeing on how you can do your best to pass a personalized experience. The best hoteliers are the ones who listen. Listening to your clients helps you get important feedback which can increase revenue-generating insights.

Optimize Check-in and Check-out

Hoteliers need to social distancing measures and keep customers safe in common places like the front desk or reception. To defeat this challenge, modern administrators are turning to technology. While some hotels are providing their staff with pre-arrival plans for the customer others have executed express or online check-in or check-out. Proper cleaning and fumigating of POS touch-points and sustaining social distance queuing supervised by assigned labels on the floor are some approaches that can be easily put into operation. One of the best hotels in Lahore, Indigo hotels offer contactless check-in which allows customers to enter and exit without having to wait in a line at the front desk. This is a reasonable option not only for customers who are prioritizing their security but also reduces the communication and publicity for the hotel workers.