Unofficial Individual SOPs to follow for a Hassle-Free Eid-ul-Fitr

With a heavy heart, I the month of Ramadan is almost on the verge of completion. We did gather all the colors of Ramadan via wonderful gatherings from Sehr to Iftar. Despite the partial lockdown situation in Pakistan, everyone was so satisfied with the likes of those exhilarated moments of Sehr and Iftar. The government of Pakistan has been pampering all sectors by enforcing citizen-friendly laws and orders throughout Ramadan.  Now as we all know that the last few days of Ramadan have approached and the three blessed days are yet to come are termed “Eid-ul-Fitr”. Eid-ul-Fitr is usually termed as a “Meethi Eid” because it comes on the first day of the month of Shawaal (Islamic Calendar) after all those 30 days of the continuous fasting period.

COVID-19 pandemic has become a serious trauma for all people since Day 1 of its initialization on Earth. Most people have fallen prey to it and many are still fighting back against this dreadful disease. COVID-19 has become a “Survival of the Fittest” for all people around the globe nowadays. In continuation of the worst-case scenario, we the Muslims are using an optimistic approach against this pandemic. After all the months of sadness that have been prevailing all over Pakistan, we are lucky to have a Holy Month and a Blissful Eid that is yet to come.

The government of Pakistan has eased the lockdown in different stages so now it’s our duty to pay back our country by taking all the precautionary measures against COVID-19.  Eid will be observed ideally on 25th May 2020 so all we have to do is act seriously on all the Standard Operating Procedures given by the Ruling Government. This is not the same Holy Festival, we used to celebrate in the past due to this coronavirus situation. Things have changed abruptly and the current tally of affected patients jumped to 50,000 in Pakistan. It’s a hard call for the entire nation out there because from onwards every individual is responsible for all his deeds. We have to make our own SOPs in order to make ourselves safe and sound this Eid.     

Here are some of the unofficial individual SOPs everyone should follow amid Eid-ul-Fitr:

Say a Big No to shaking Hands & Embracing:

Eid prayer is an obligation for the entire Muslim community but considering the coronavirus situation nowadays, the chances of Eid prayer are going to be minimized. Now let’s wait for the final verdict of the Government of Pakistan. If the event of prayer did happen then we all have to make individual standard operating procedures to make it done.

We all have to avoid frequent hugs and handshakes after offering Eid prayer. The government will definitely work out those SOPs that would cater to safety throughout Eid prayer. Hugs and Handshakes are the religious gestures that the entire Muslim community follows in order to fulfill the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

We have to make ourselves safe for the rest of our family present in the house. Virus contamination prevails throughout the country and you cannot predict someone’s hygiene for sure. So the government should implement a proper sanitization procedure for all the respected NAMAZIS as well as a proper social distancing feature should be incorporated.

Pro Tip:

Strictly avoid handshakes and hugs after offering the Eid prayer.

Maintain social distancing throughout from home to a mosque and vice versa.

Wear face masks and gloves in order to prevent coronavirus.

Avoid unnecessary visits during Eid Days:

It is casual in Pakistan that people visit their relatives on the three days of Eid. Additionally, people do hang out with their loved ones at various recreational spots on Eid days. Those were beautiful days indeed because the coronavirus has stopped all the hustle and bustle nowadays.

Unnecessary visits should be strictly prohibited throughout Eid Days. It doesn’t mean you cannot go outside, and roam wherever you want to roam but roam safely. You can maintain all the amenities inside your house such as ordering quality food because Coronavirus cannot be transmitted via food or food packaging. Now you can easily grab all the household items in a single click through E-commerce websites or applications. Then why you cannot eliminate unnecessary visits on Eid Days despite facing severities of coronavirus?

It is yet to announce by the Government of Pakistan that recreational spots will be opened or closed during the Eid holidays. In light of the current scenario, everyone should avoid visiting places during the Eid holidays in order to maintain social distancing. Because those crowded places could be a source of virus contamination.

Avoid visiting graveyards on Eid Holidays:

The entire Muslim Community ideally visits graveyards on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day of Eid in order to recite Surat Fatiha in memory of their loved ones. It should be kept in mind that if the Government announces to open graveyards on Eid days then all we have to do is act sensibly. Emotional attachment is the factor that enthralls people to see the graves of their loved ones and offer prayers for them.

Pro Tip:

  • Do visit the graveyards if open but avoid visiting them during peak hours.
  • Wear face masks and gloves while visiting graveyards.
  • Recite Surat Fatiha and leave the place at the earliest.
  • Before entering the home, do sanitize your hands first. After sanitization, take an instant bath.

Prioritize Hygiene Approach on Eid:

He who gets a better immune system will survive in this pandemic situation. So prioritize your hygiene approach according to advanced health standards. Try to wear clean and tidy clothes on all three days of Eid. If you are fully occupied and have no free time for laundry then do contact Laundry Hub and enjoy the hassle-free solution of washing, and ironing clothes.

Prioritize your hygiene approach by making your houses sanitized from all sorts of virus contamination this Eid. You can contact Indigo Facility Management in order to avail yourself of services of sanitization, dry cleaning, and fumigation of your houses. As responsible citizens, we all should try to cudgel our brains towards the severity of COVID-19. Indigo Facility Management is basically making waves of purity for your places in terms of sanitization, deep cleansing, and fumigation.

Learning Outcomes:

We all are on the same page about the severity of the coronavirus, so let’s motivate each other in every step. As Muslims, we should be happy that we all got the Holy month of Ramadan in this stage of life. So all we have to do is act sensibly on all three days of Eid. We have to make our own SOPs in order to make our community safe and sound. Now it’s the individual responsibility of every citizen to stay away from crowded places and maintain social distancing throughout Eid Days. Indigo Heights Hotel and Suites has always been a source of awareness for all people across the globe. We always share the latest information related to Lifestyle Trends, Food and Beverages, Hospitality, Food Tips, Rooms & Suites, Hygiene Tips, and Advanced Trends. So what you are going to do is visit our Blog Section for all the latest updates or you can go through our Facebook Page.  Feel free to share, like, and comment on our latest blogs and articles. Your FEEDBACK will be much appreciated.