Ramadan Sehri dishes at Indigo Hotel is worth having that you must try

Many Muslims read their prayers and recognize ritualistic fasts throughout Ramadan called Roza. These fasts are representative of their commitment to Allah. For a whole month, people are responsible to let go of worldly preferences and fast with their family and friends. They awake early in the morning to eat Ramadan Sehri dishes at Indigo Hotel. In Sehri, they eat all healthy foods from paratha and yogurt, post which they refrain from eating a single grain of food until the sunset.

Tips for Sehri

It’s always sufficient to be cooked in advance so that you are not consuming most of your time in the kitchen throughout Ramadan. Here are several tips to keep in mind for Sehri, along with any great recipe recommendations.

  1. Write down a rough menu list in advance for Sehri and Iftar. This means you know exactly what you are agreeing to have and you can work on fixing as much food as you can previously so that the actual Sehri time is not an absurd “running around the house” situation.
  2. Yogurt-based meals and drinks are wonderful in keeping you hydrated during the day. So beverages like lassi or smoothies, side meals of raw yogurt are exceptional additions to your Sehri meals.
  3. Try to hold your water intake to a minimum and Sehri and expanded it out throughout the non-fasting period alternatively.

Delicious Dishes

These are following Ramadan Sehri dishes such as Dam keema or Slow-cooked minced beef is cooked with fried spices, yogurt, and raw papaya paste. It gives you a silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth kind of keema that is perfect for Sehri! You can make it well in advance and freeze and take it out whenever you need it. Pairs perfectly with roti, paratha, chapatti, or bread. These are low-carb Chicken and vegetable kebabs that are the more nutritious version of your regular chapli kebabs. Its packed oats, chopped veggies, and amazing spices! Freezer friendly too! Excellent to have with roti chapatti, or to place in burgers or wraps. A simple and easy chicken fajita recipe with a twist of barbecue sauce and spicy chicken marination. Perfect because you can do the veggie cutting and chicken prep way in advance? An aromatic and mildly seasoned minced beef cooked in whole and crushed spices with yogurt. Pair with rice, roti, chapatti, bread, or paratha. Dump everything in a pot and leave, it’s that kind of recipe.


The holy month of Ramadan brings with it a fresh wave of festive cheer. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar through which the ‘Quran’ was first revealed. The best of our Ramadan Sehri dishes here would strike a comprehensive balance of health and taste, so you can experience and recognize the fasting time of Ramadan without compromising on your well-being.  Muslims throughout the world perceive fasts to celebrate this month-long festival. Ramadan is a period of self-reflection to concentrate on the soul rather than the body and an opportunity to reconnect with your belief. It is believed to be a great opportunity to focus on your soul and reconnect with your faith. Fasting during this season is seen to be instilling self-control.