Indigo Hotel’s Gym in Gulberg is best for the workout challenge

Indigo Hotel’s Wellness center is the priority of many people’s lives and this aim is unquestionably leading the evolution of unique spaces. One of those is the hotel business, where the Gym in Gulberg must be initiated in its offer of services having well-being at the center. The four characteristics to be handled will be exercise or physical activity, relaxation and improvement, precautionary treatments, and therapy. More and more people see physical and psychic well-being as a preference in their lives: and while traveling or on vacation they want to unwind, but also to be able to manage their daily routine.

The importance of a fitness and wellness area in the hotel

The data speaks clearly on this one where 46% of the sample says that they would have accompanied the gym of the hotel where they stayed (but it must also be said that only 22% agree to have then actually used it). The clients of the big series led to this change, particularly in the last century. As a consequence, the gyms in the hotels have “come out” from the dark basements, to find new bright locations equipped with the latest tools and machinery. To complete this change of the offer, new professional figures have developed such as the “running concierge” for example, who notifies or completes guests to run in the spaces enclosing the hotel. Fitness and wellness in the hotel must be over and beyond expectations for the visitors, above all in the fitness spaces. The synergy between the traditional center industry of a hotel, accommodation, and the significance of quality sleep, healthy eating, and physical activity for guests, must be flawless. Moving on from a yoga session at sunrise, an evening run, and an anti-aging cuisine class in the evening at a gym in Gulberg.

Wellness Solutions

Where do you begin by constructing a wellness experience for your customers? One approach could be to rethink the formation of the standard hotel room and move towards a wellness room that symbolizes the center of the experience for the customer. It is necessary to rethink the rooms 360 degrees operating on materials, organization of the space, and solutions tailored to the visitor but it is no longer sufficient to insert a treadmill in a corner to be able to say “wellness-proof”. Wellness a la carte is an additional step in this direction because it allows the customer the opportunity to determine the preferred mode of exercise and order them in their room. With the solutions suggested by Indigo Hotel gym, you can transform your customer’s stay into a satisfying wellness occurrence on demand. The customer can choose from the many possibilities of the gym in Gulberg Menu: a selection of active equipment that is effortlessly transportable when required and committed multimedia devices such as the Wellness Rack, the weight kit that provides you to restore all your muscles and obtain your fitness goals. To satisfy all needs and secure the loyalty of customers who prefer to train in the separation of their room, you can transform their stay into a pleasant experience through customized training plans.

Wellness tourism

Wellness and accommodation areas in hotels are now much more than a temporary trend, but a consolidated reality that proceeds to grow: and the numbers address themselves. According to the Indigo Hotel Wellness club, the sector at a universal level is now deserves more.