Foods for Sehri Buffet That Will Keep You Hydrated and Active All Day

Blending healthy food options with fasting resets your metabolism and can support you drop a few pounds and reduce your cholesterol. Ramazan is the season of parathas and all-you-can-eat in the Sehri buffet at the Indigo Hotel. Those afternoon naps are certainly not going to help you burn off the nightly half-kilo of jalebis. Fasting is not a license to eat with enthusiasm, and nor should it be according to Sunnah. This special meal is what you need to make of it. It’s difficult to keep apart from a table filled with goodies but remember to smartly fill up on meals that your body can run off throughout the day. Keep your meals uncomplicated and more significantly, do not overstuff yourself.

Foods with high satiety value

Such meals keep you full for longer and perform as crave-busters. They release energy over some time and will help prevent tiredness and laziness. Dote on nuts and seeds, eat foods stuffed with fiber or become broth-based soups. In most homes, complete wheat chappatis is an exceptional choice along with some salad and fruits. It proceeds for a complete meal which is digested gradually and keeps you fulfilled.

Mouthwatering buffet

One of the most exotic restaurants in Lahore, mainly located in Gulberg this is a very big chance to have tempting and mouthwatering Sehri at Indigo hotel. It offers detailed main course dishes in its Sehri buffet, including the unique style of updating the menu every week. There you will be served a Sehri Platter comprising mouth-watering dishes paratha, fruit salad, and lassi. With an assorted dessert section included in the buffet, the Sehri deal.

Hydrating foods & drinks

Avoid having numerous cups of tea or coffee as the caffeine begins to lose water which strengthens thirst. More so, sugary foods or drinks, get absorbed very quickly and could leave you feeling hungry earlier than you would presume. Having said that, drinking too much water is also not desirable. It will weaken the stomach acids and begin bloating and indigestion.

If you seem like a headache is coming on or light-headed, you’re presumably dehydrated. Fresh fruits, juices, and veggies with essential water content will keep you hydrated. Coconut water is a great origin of electrolytes with simplistic sugars and minerals that supply water loss. Add cool foods like cucumbers, pineapple, tomatoes, oranges, melons, and onions which help in lessening body temperature. Keep away from salty foods as they improve fluid loss in your body.


Sugar consumption should be reduced during Sehri because it has the tendency to quickly fill up the stomach but the downside is that it gets digested quickly leaving you feeling hungry and weak. It is secure to say that an excellent Sehri buffet in Lahore will keep the hunger pangs away and guarantee a comfortable and healthy Ramadan for everyone. You can discover more sweet places in Lahore city on Locally Lahore at Indigo Hotel. Regionally Lahore is must-have guidance, which enables you to examine Lahore and it wraps up all points of excitement. It gives you information about the latest events and happenings in Lahore.