How China overcame Covid19 pandemic?

As Covid19 been the first contagious pandemic declared by the World Health Organization initiated from Wuhan, China that has killed a huge number of humans in the past three months. It is a natural disaster for the whole world in terms of human deaths. Thousands of people died, borders closed, food shortages occurred, the economy of all countries derailed, and lockdowns occurred across the globe during this calamity. Initially, all the medical science failed to diagnose how this contagious disease erupted in the human world. Now all the scientists are looking to find an antidote for this dreadful virus. Here are some of the Initial precautions to escape from this virus:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Maintain Self Isolation
  • Wear masks and gloves

Ways through which China coped with COVID-19

Initially, China faced severe casualties during this outbreak resulted in 3,322 deaths till now in a small time span. All sorts of imports and export banned, people were quarantined in their houses, quarantine centers were established, borders across the country were blocked, and an emergency was declared. According to WHO, COVID-19 has a contagion metric between 2 and 2.5; it means that the carrier of COVID-19 can easily spread it to two or more two persons. The latest report also said that Covid-19 has surpassed the SARS outbreak in 2003. China being the second most populated country in the world confronted this contagious outbreak with a motive to rise again strongly. There are different ways through which China overcame Covid19 pandemic.

1- Health Rating System:

China developed a health rating system in collaboration with Ali Baba and Ant Financial to track all the citizens during the intense outbreak of COVID-19. People in China are advised to install the software on their mobile phones and sign up with the required information. The main purpose of this application was to keep track of all those employees that came back from different countries to their respective workspaces. Color codes were assigned to the citizens which were green, yellow, or red depending on their health condition and travel history. Now the main thing is how the application works.

The system requires all the personal information and location of the user during Sign Up. During the registration, there are some fields that review the current health conditions of the user by asking some health questions i.e.

  • Are you having a cough, fever, or respiratory issue?
  • Have you traveled in the last 14 days or getting aligned with a person having COVID-19 symptoms?

If any field occurs true then the system gives a red or yellow color code to the person, which means that the person is going to be quarantined by the Government for further treatment. As the software has access to the person’s location, cops will trace the location and grab the infected one for further isolation. If any field occurs false then a green color code (Green QR Code) will be given to the person so that he/she could easily roam throughout the malls, offices, and grocery stores via checkpoint. The checkpoints will scan the QR codes and will allow the user to pass.

2- Disinfectant through Robotics:

The technological war started in China against the COVID-19 pandemic in order to disinfect all the virus contamination. Robots disinfected hospitals, checked temperatures,s and prepared meals for the patients. Robots were utilized to clean those contaminated areas that were not suitable for the people in China. Volunteers guided the robots using remote controls for disinfectant spraying across the contagious areas. Hence China used technology very well to fight against COVID-19.

3- Drones:

Drones played an important role in an intense outbreak in China due to Covid19 in different ways. Here are the ways through which drones are utilized to fight against COVID-19:

Aerial Spray: Drones utilized in China for disinfectant spraying in different areas where humans can’t reach. Coronavirus is usually transmitted through respiratory droplets so disinfectant sprays are essential in this condition to minimize the transmission of COVID-19. It has been stated that spraying with drones is fifty times more vital than people spraying.

Delivery Purpose: Drones are utilized in China to deliver consumer goods and food to quarantine centers. In order to facilitate the consumers, the Chinese government utilized drones to pick up medical samples from hospitals and delivered them to laboratories. Groceries are delivered by drone across the Quarantine centers in China. In this way, technology helped the government to cope with this pandemic in critical days.

4- Autonomous Vehicles:

China used Artificial Intelligence in order to cater to this contagious outbreak.  Driverless vehicles are not a unique thing in China, it had used earlier also. China used unmanned delivery vehicles with the collaboration of IDriverPlus, a partner of Apollo and led by BAIDU to deliver meals and disinfect isolated areas.  The main focus of these driverless vehicles was to deliver supplies quickly in hospitals and minimize the physical contact of humans with their surroundings.

Learning Outcomes:

Every country should praise China for its war against the Deadly Virus COVID-19. China has declared itself not only a superpower but also a warrior. China arose as a nation after this outbreak, led from the front, and fought till the escalation of this virus. China is the real inspiration of those nations that are fighting against ignorance. Pakistan is also facing Covid19 pandemic badly with few resources and supplies. As an underdeveloped country having the least technological resources, Pakistan is still fighting this disease gradually. Now China is currently serving Pakistan in order to rise against this Covid19 pandemic. In nutshell, we are praying that we will also rise as a nation against the COVID-19 pandemic and declare ourselves free from COVID-19.