Buffet Restaurants

It is not difficult to get a good restaurant in Lahore when you are craving for some delightful food. After all, the generally acclaimed ‘food capital of Punjab’ is ordinary for its distinct culinary culture. One might say the Mughlai and Punjabi cuisines positively influence the city’s love for food. However, the fact is that you can indeed get something to delight each palate here.

From popular Indian dishes to Continental and from Oriental cuisine to the Mediterranean, Lahore has arranged to take signature dishes from all over the world and present them its own in both tastes and looks.

Recognized as a citadel for food lovers, Lahore presents its visitors with a different opportunity to involve themselves in local culinary ideas.

You cannot say you have had an authentic food experience in Lahore if you haven’t eaten from the old city’s kiosks. Besides, you must also check out some of the most famous desi food restaurants in Lahore.

Buffet Restaurants in Lahore

The city offers many fine dining and buffet options. These are ideal when you want to display a little on tasty meals, possibly brought by your family and friends. Here are some of the most beautiful buffet restaurants in Lahore.

Bukhara Dinner Buffet

Craving for a traditional dinner buffet in Lahore? Arrange a reservation at Bukhara in Pearl Continental Hotel. The restaurant also takes active musical and classical dance performances to welcome its visitors.

Veranda Bistro

Veranda Bistro is vital for both its buffet and hi-tea menu. Freshly relocated from Gulberg II to DHA Phase 5, the restaurant is famous among food lovers for its valuable service and entertainment culture among its staff. It has also drawn attention to serving some rather unique food items like its Instagram-worthy Warm Chocolate Soup. Veranda Bistro is undoubtedly among the top-rated eateries for the buffet in the city with its beautiful lighting and design.

La Messa

Only one of few all-day buffet and hi-tea restaurants in Lahore, La Messa in Gulberg III, offers its customers a various selection of multi-cuisines. La Messa’s menu includes Pakistani and Continental preferences. Until the dinner buffet at the restaurant highlights a different cuisine every night. Their menu offers signature recipes from other sections of the universe. La Messa is the best buffet restaurant in Lahore offering you a traditional culinary experience in Gulberg. It is one of the best buffet in Lahore. It offers a fantastic dining experience excelled by a wonderful ambiance and well-trained waiting staff.

Name: Best Hi-Tea and Dinner Buffet in Lahore Lamessa Indigo Hotel
Address: Ground Floor, Indigo Hotel, 3 C3 Noor Jehan Rd, Block C3 Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000
Phone Number: 0316 4778885
Direction: https://g.page/r/Cal97WcInsRMEBA


The excellent buffet menu at Tai-Pan involves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. If you desire to have some good Chinese food in Lahore, Tai-Pan, in Pearl Continental Hotel is maybe the best place to enjoy some delicious Oriental-style food with friends and family.
Aside from introducing different dishes fit for meat-lovers, the restaurant also has many excellent vegetarian options on its buffet menu. Although it is not specifically hard to explore a Chinese restaurant in Lahore, the Tai-Pan food is as proper Chinese cuisine takes.

The Monal Lahore

Apart from serving tasty food, Monal also offers a magnificent scene of Lahore’s in the sky. If you are a lover of The Monal restaurant in Islamabad, you can appreciate its branch’s culinary experience in Lahore.
One of the highly valued restaurants in Lahore, Monal, is known for its great food, courteous staff and a stunning rooftop view of its skyline. It also offers one of the most fantastic buffet menu details in the city.
Located in Gulberg, Lahore, this restaurant also has a separate play area and a game zone for its more modern rules.

The Tollington

Suppose you seek a casual dining experience with freshly grilled meat and a beautiful view of the night sky. In that situation, you want to visit The Tollington in Avari Hotel for a fantastic buffet spread of traditional and international barbecue dishes.
Indeed, only the best BBQ restaurant in Lahore, The Tollington, is the ideal place to rest after the busiest day and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

More about Gulberg Lahore

Gulberg is a posh locality found in the heart of Lahore. It comprises many famous gardens, parks, shopping malls, and industrial and business centers. We have many more exciting stories for our foodie readers on indigo heights hotel & suites, the popular lifestyle blog in Pakistan.